Professor Christopher Nobes

Personal profile

Christopher Nobes is Professor of Accounting at Royal Holloway. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian School of Business, Oslo. From 1.1.2013, he is also a professor of the University of Sydney. He was a member of the Board of the International Accounting Standards Committee from 1993 to 2001. He has been a consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1987.

He has been joint editor of Accounting and Business Research, and is now on the editorial boards of nine journals, including Abacus, Accounting and Business Research and British Accounting Review.

He was chosen for the ‘Outstanding International Accounting Educator’ Award of the American Accounting Association in 2002.

Research interests

Professor Nobes researches into the nature and causes of international differences in financial reporting. He has published in most of the world’s major accounting journals. In Accounting and Business Research (Vol. 36 (1), 2006), he was identified as the most productive author from 1991 to 2002 (in world’s top 19 accounting journals) out of all staff in 253 European universities.

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