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I have written  several books dealing with the Nazi persecution and mass murder of the Jews, and its aftermath, including: Eichmann. His life and crimes (2004), which won the 2006 National Jewish Book Award for History in the USA and Justice Delayed. How Britain became a refuge for Nazi war criminals (1992) and edited seveal more, including  After Eichmann. Collective Memory and the Holocaust since 1961 (2005); with Paul Levine ‘Bystanders’ to the Holocaust. A re-evaluation (2002);  Genocide and Rescue. The Holocaust in Hungary, 1944 (1998); The Final Solution. Origins and Implementation (1994).  I have advised a number of institutions, NGOs and government bodies on Holocaust and post-Holocaust issues. I acted as historical consultant on numerous radio and TV documentaries including, ‘Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution’, BBC2, January-February 2005; ‘Auschwitz: the hidden evidence’, C4, December 2004; ‘I met Adolf Eichmann’, BBC2, February 2002; ‘Holocaust on Trial’, BBC2, 2001; ‘Into the arms of strangers…’ (2000). My most recent book, Major Farran’s Hat. Murder, scandal and Britain’s war against Jewish terrorism, 1945-1948 (2008) was nominated for a National Jewish Book Award and a ‘Golden Dagger Award’ for non-fiction crime writing.

See my signature essay on 'Who Speaks for British Jews?' in the special issue of New Statesman, 25 May 2012, on the British Jewish experience.

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See David Cesarani speaking at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in April 2009


Hear my contribution, with  others, to a Proms-related programme on Herschel Grynszpan, the man whoose action triggered the anti-Jewish pogrom in German on 9-10 November 1938 and which, in turn, inspired Sir Michael Tippetr's oratorio 'A Child In Our Time':

Hear my participation in a new BBC documentary about the history of terrorism, presented by Fergal Keane,  that explores the story I revealed in Major Farran's Hat:



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The Nazi persecution and mass murder of the Jews and its legacy; the history of Jews in modern Britain and America; immigration and settlement in London and the East End; Britain, the Jews and Zionism.

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